10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Balochistan, Pakistan

Beaches of Balochistan are like pearls scattered all along its coastline. People living in coastal areas are mostly fishermen and tribesmen. They move out with their boats for fishing purposes early in the morning and return back to their houses in the evening. Nowadays, a number of modern facilities have been established at different beaches to turn them into good tourist destinations for domestic and international tourists.

Balochistan has one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. The province is home to some of the most untouched and serene beaches that could rival the beauty of any other beach in the world. Here are the top beaches of Balochistan, Pakistan.

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Gwadar’s white sands are outnumbered solely by emerald waterfalls whereas fishing villages sprinkle its shorelines. Due to its closeness to Iran, it has additionally emerged as a very fashionable destination among Iranian visitors who arrive here throughout vacations throughout the summertime months.

10 Most Beautiful Beaches In Balochistan, Pakistan

Lasbela Beach

Lasbela’s white-sanded seashores are like heaven on earth. There are several wooden bungalows right here that serve seafood at affordable costs. The Lasbela bridge in the background of a blue ocean with fishing boats docked is a sight to behold.

10 Most Beautiful Beaches In Balochistan, Pakistan


Ormara is a favorite seashore destination as nicely as for those who like to dig deep into the seaboards. It is just about an hour distance from Karachi and has some wonderful natural hot water springs which you will notice all through your visit here.

10 Most Beautiful Beaches In Balochistan, Pakistan

Kund Malir Beach

Kund Malir is but another gem of a seashore near Karachi which has wonderful sand dunes, splendid surroundings, and a very serene environment. The panorama here is simply astonishing to look at with tall dunes standing close to an infinite ocean.

10 Most Beautiful Beaches In Balochistan, Pakistan

Pasni Beach

Pasni’s shorelines are studded with black rocks with its sands being darkish grey in color, it’s very different from any other beaches you might have seen earlier however would definitely give you something totally different to recollect once you return.

10 Most Beautiful Beaches In Balochistan, Pakistan

Daran Beach

Daran Beach is located in Jiwani and is a must-see for tourists visiting Balochistan. This location is visited by a small number of tourists. That is why it has such lovely charm and is one of the cleanest beaches in Pakistan.

10 Most Beautiful Beaches In Balochistan, Pakistan

Pishukan Beach

Pashukan Beach is in Lasbela, Balochistan. The seashore was voted as one of the world’s top beach in 2004 by viewers all over the world. Pishukan means ‘small eyes’. This location is identified for its unique moon-like scenery and vivid emerald green waters.

10 Most Beautiful Beaches In Balochistan, Pakistan

Astola Island

This is probably the most beautiful seashore of Pakistan, it’s actually considered one of the most gorgeous ones on this planet. A number of international travelers arrive here to attempt diving, snorkeling, and camel sitting down on its pure white sands.

10 Most Beautiful Beaches In Balochistan, Pakistan

Padi Zar Beach

Padi Zar seashore may be very close to Pasni but sadly is just not well-known among vacationers. It has a stunning panorama and its waters are a bit shallow so you may have a pleasant swim right here.

10 Most Beautiful Beaches In Balochistan, Pakistan

Jiwani Beach

Right here the lengthy seashore is segmented into small coves that have been formed by rocks that line up on both aspects of the Jiwani shoreline. It’s a very calm and peaceful environment with its waters making lulling sounds as waves hit the rocks within the shallows.

Jiwani beach is notable for its connection to British troops, who in the second world war built a Victoria Hut and an airport in the area.

10 Most Beautiful Beaches In Balochistan, Pakistan

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