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Bath and Barley: The first Belgian artesian beer spa

The first Belgian beer spa, called “Bath and Barley,” is located in the historic city center of Brussels, close to the world-famous Grote Markt. The spa, designed by WeWantMore, aims to provide a sense of calm and intimacy through the combination of beer and bathing while emphasizing Belgium’s well-known beer tradition.

The relaxing atmosphere is generated by the curving tubs and the already existing vaulted cellar. The lower area was strictly used with traditional materials such as copper, grain, and stained glass, owing to its connection to Belgium’s medieval beer brewing history. Details like the straw sitting next to an extremely lush infrared sauna feel real while also being amusing. True to form are copper faucets and beer barrel tubs that toe the line between elevation and innovation.

Stained glass screens provide guests at the spa a little privacy during their therapy by depicting church-like scenes with beer brewing monks and clergy. The knights, kettles, and beer barrels are among the steel frame’s continuing design language, which is complemented by the railing of the stairwell.

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This is a one-of-a-kind spa design that I haven’t seen before. The designing studio is exceptional at merging the brewing culture with interior design. It must be soothing to soak in water while drinking a glass of beer.

More info: Bath and Barley and WeWantMore Studio

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