Bénédicte Picollilo’s Art: A Tribute to Carlo Dolci

Bénédicte Picollilo is a talented and inspiring artist who is the creator behind the brand Voglio Bene. Her unique style is easily recognizable and is characterized by her reinterpretation of old paintings, particularly those featuring women. Her latest Spring-Summer 2022 collection, “Rhapsodie Bohémienne,” features Saint Rita as its icon, originally painted by Carlo Dolci.

Bénédicte Picollilo'S Art: A Tribute To Carlo Dolci

Carlo Dolci

Carlo Dolci, also known as Carlino, was an Italian painter born on May 25th, 1616 in Florence, Italy. His family were members of the nobility and were involved in the wool trading industry. At a young age, he showed promise as a portrait painter while studying under a minor local painter and it was clear that he had a keen eye for detail. His skill and technical abilities were developed further when he traveled to Rome, where he was able to gain access to its vast artistic legacy.

Carlo Dolci’s career as an artist began in earnest when he returned to Florence inspired by the teachings of Counter-Reformation and made a vow to dedicate his life to painting religious subjects. He continued his studies with Francesco Furini who became his mentor and encouraged him to paint more independently rather than simply copying the works of other painters. It was this instruction that led him to develop his own unique style, based on the tradition of sober yet expressive Florentine painting.

He soon gained recognition from both the church and wealthy patrons for this work, and his skill in depicting the Virgin Mary and other religious figures proved highly sought-after. His paintings were also known for their sensitive brushstrokes, delicate hues, and use of a mixture of pigments to create a rich, translucent effect.

Carlo Dolci passed away on January 17th, 1687 in Florence after a long and successful career as an artist. He is considered one of the last representatives of the Florentine school of Baroque painting and his devotional works are remembered for their oversweet and languid piety. His contribution to Italian art history was so significant that he was featured on Italian postage stamps in 1972 in recognition of his artistic achievements. Today many of Carlo Dolci’s paintings can still be found in churches and galleries throughout Italy, a testament to the skill of this Baroque master.

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Bénédicte Picollilo'S Art: A Tribute To Carlo Dolci

In addition to her beautiful and original paintings, Bénédicte also offers a variety of objects that showcase her illustrations. One of these objects is particularly noteworthy, as it is the latest addition to her series of candles representing the seven deadly sins. This eighth candle is a product of her imagination, and it represents immortality.

To learn more about this talented artist, her creative process, and her works, we invite you to visit her website or follow her on Instagram. You will be able to discover the world and the inspiration behind her art, and how she manages to translate these into her collections.

Bénédicte Picollilo'S Art: A Tribute To Carlo Dolci Bénédicte Picollilo'S Art: A Tribute To Carlo Dolci Bénédicte Picollilo'S Art: A Tribute To Carlo Dolci Bénédicte Picollilo'S Art: A Tribute To Carlo Dolci



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