Beryozka Dance: The Russian Floating Folk Dance

The Beryozka Dance Ensemble is a troupe of female dancers who specialize in performing on wheels or floating across the stage in long gowns, as founded by Russian choreographer and dancer Nadezhda Nadezhdina in the Soviet Union in 1948. “Beryozka’s dances are not folk dances,” says the founder, “They are dances whose source is the creative work of the people. But these dances are composed by me”

Beryozka Dance: Russian Dancers Appear To Float Magically Across The Stage

The floating step is tough to execute. “Not even all of our dancers can do it,” Nadezhdina claims. “You must move in tiny steps on very low half toes while keeping the body held in a specific corresponding posture.” In the 1950s, the troupe began performing in Western nations. For example, in Sweden on 22 September 1951, the audience at the Stockholm Musical Academy’s hall was far too great to be accommodated.

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The Beryozka Dance Ensemble is an example of how many cultures have their own unique take on dance. They are not just a Russian troupe, but rather they represent the beauty and versatility that can be found in the world if you look for it!

Source: Beryozka Dance to Glide In Tonight

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