Bright Brussels: Celebrating the Art Nouveau in Belgium

The Belgian capital of Brussels is an eclectic and vibrant city, renowned for its stunning architecture and rich cultural heritage. To celebrate Bright Brussels Festival 2023, the Brussels Region is organizing several events to commemorate the 130th anniversary of the beloved Art Nouveau Movement. Read on to learn more about this spectacular celebration.

What Is Art Nouveau?

Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau emerged in Europe as a reaction to industrialization in the late 19th century – it was a conscious effort by artists, architects, and craftsmen to return to nature and create objects that were unique, well-crafted, and imbued with beauty. Architectural works like the Tassel House were among the first summations of elements typical of this style: vibrant colors, ironwork, mosaics, stained glass windows, and lighting fixtures. These elements can be found everywhere from furniture pieces to carpets and jewelry. It’s no surprise that Belgium has embraced Art Nouveau – after all, some of the movement’s most influential figures hailed from this country!

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Bright Brussels Festival

Credit: Belga

To commemorate this special milestone in Belgian history, Brussels is hosting Bright Brussels Festival – four days of light installations spread across three neighborhoods: The Royal Quarter, The European Quarter, and Lehon Quarter – Schaerbeek Avenue Louis Bertrand. From 7 pm to 11 pm daily visitors can explore a variety of immersive works ranging from digital art displays projected onto Brusilia Tower in Schaerbeek to Romain Tardy’s self-portrait reflecting today’s Belgian society at Place Jean Rey in the European district.

There will also be an installation called “Walk between flowers” created by German artist Peter Grotz on Parc du Cinquantenaire as well as sound and light bubbles showcasing on Plaine Brusilia in Schaerbeek throughout festival days.


Fringe Programme & Night Market

Besides these wonderful installations, there will be plenty of other activities that visitors can enjoy during Bright Brussels Festival such as the 300m2 Sibelga Bright Market located near Cathedral Saint Michael/Saint Gudula where shoppers can find one-of-a-kind second-hand lighting pieces along with refurbished vintage lamps. And if you’re looking for more culture outside festival grounds there are numerous museums participating in events that offer extended opening times during those dates so you can soak up some local history too.

Food lovers won’t be left out either since many great spots along the route will serve delicious meals throughout festival days! Last but not least don’t forget about Gospel Concert which takes place every hour between 7 pm and 10 pm for two nights – Friday 17th & Saturday 18th February – so make sure you get there early if you want good seats!

Where To Stay During The Festivities?

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If you plan on visiting Bright Brussels festival make sure you choose accommodation nearby because it offers so much more than just lights! Staying close to the gay district Quartier Saint-Jacques is highly recommended as Pillows City Hotel provides beautifully designed rooms right at the heart of the city center rated “Suburb” by guests who have already visited before.

Other options include staying even closer to festival sites like Royal Quarter or European District which both offer comfortable accommodations with modern amenities perfect for tourists looking for something extra special during their stay here in Brussels!


Bright Brussels Festival will be an unforgettable experience that celebrates Art Nouveau’s 130th anniversary while offering visitors unique light installations inspired by Belgian culture spread across different neighborhoods within city limits making it a truly one-of-a-kind event worth attending! With fringe programs offering countless activities alongside main attractions like Sibelga Bright Market or Gospel concerts; plus an array of accommodations nearby – what else could ask for when planning a holiday trip?

Make sure to book tickets soon because spaces fill up fast so don’t miss out chance visit a beautiful city full of energy and brilliance that brought us all way back 19th century when the original movement began to flourish until today when continues to delight audiences the world over!


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