Finn McCool: A Legendary Irish figure

Finn McCool is an iconic figure in European history and mythology. A hero from Irish folklore, Finn McCool’s most famous legend is his creation of Giant’s Causeway as a walkway from Northern Ireland to Scotland. But who was Finn McCool, and what makes him such an important part of Irish history? Let’s explore this legendary figure and uncover the truth behind his famous story.

Giant’s Causeway

The Legend of Finn McCool

Finn McCool, or Fionn mac Cumhaill, was a giant in Irish mythology that lived during the time before St. Patrick. He was renowned for his strength and courage, but also for his wisdom and intelligence – traits that are still ascribed to him today. He was also known for being able to create bridges by throwing stones into the sea, which is where the story behind Giant’s Causeway comes from.

The Battle with Benandonner

One of Finn’s most famous stories involves Benandonner, a giant from Scotland who threatened Ireland with destruction. In order to protect the country, Finn decided to cross the sea by building an incredible bridge known as the Giant’s Causeway using pieces of land ripped up from Antrim coastline. When he arrived on the Scottish coast, however, he realized that his opponent was far larger than himself. This leads us to one of the most entertaining elements of this story: how Finn managed to save himself from a certain defeat!

Finn’s Cunning Plan

Finn’s wife – who is not named in the legend – came up with a clever ruse that ultimately saved her husband’s life. She dressed him up as a baby and lay him down in a cot placed right outside their home. When Benandonner arrived at their door, he saw what appeared to be an enormous baby and realized that if even this baby was so large then its father must be far bigger than him! Scared out of his wits, Benandonner fled back across The Giant’s Causeway – which then caused it to collapse into the sea due to its immense weight! Thus ends our hero’s epic tale!

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What is Giant’s Causeway and why is it a tourist attraction

Giant’s Causeway

The Giant’s Causeway, situated on the northeast coast of Northern Ireland, is a must-see destination for tourists. It is a geological formation of around 40,000 hexagonal basalt columns that protrude from the sea. The area around the causeway has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986 due to its natural beauty as well as its scientific importance.

Visitors can explore Finn McCool’s Walk along the cliff tops, look out across Sheeps’ park jutting out into the North Atlantic Ocean, and even take a guided tour of the formations. The Giant’s Causeway is an extraordinary attraction that will appeal to everyone who desires to experience history, science, and nature all at once.

The story of Finn McCool is an enduring part of Irish folklore due to its compelling narrative and themes of courage, ingenuity, and bravery against all odds. It demonstrates how one person can make a huge difference in their community through their actions – even if they are relatively small in size! If you ever find yourself in Northern Ireland be sure to visit The Giant’s Causeway – you may just get lucky enough to spot our hero!


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