Most Amazing Treehouses From Around The World

Treehouses are becoming more and more popular as people are looking for unique places to live. They can be used for a variety of purposes, from offices to homes, and offer a sense of tranquility and disconnection from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The treehouses are not only a childhood fantasy but something that many grown-ups also dream of. Different cultures around the world build different types of treehouses, reflecting their local traditions and surroundings. There are some amazing examples out there.

The Korowai, a Native American group in New Guinea, reside in tree houses permanently. The elevated homes shield their food and valuables from predators and floods by keeping everything above ground level.

Fortunately, treehouses for children and adults alike have evolved into more than simply fantasy-like hideouts or exotic living places in distant countries. Architects and designers are now providing some truly inspiring structures that blend into the surrounding environment and give visitors a chance to achieve some of their greatest childhood ambitions and relax in a unique way. Some even feature incredible onsite amenities including heated floors, glass-floor observation platforms, water slides amongst others.

How cool would it be to spend a vacation or go on a retreat in one of these amazing treehouses? In the comments, tell us which treehouse ideas are your favorites.

The HemLoft Treehouse (Canada)

Heidi and Joel Allen

Treehouse for Birds and People (Andu Momofuku Centre, Japan)

Designed by: nendo

The Bird’s Nest Treehouse (Sweden)

Designed by:

Treehouse in Muskoka (Ontario, Canada)

4TREEHOUSE by Lukasz Kos

The Mirrorcube (Sweden)

The Mirrorcube

Three Story Treehouse (British Columbia, Canada)

Most Amazing Treehouses From Around The World

Eco-friendly Finca Bellavista Treehouse (Costa Rica)


Minister’s Treehouse (Tennessee, USA)


Treehouse by Takashi Kobayashi (Japan)

Designed by: Takashi Kobayashi)

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant

Designed by: Peter Eising & Lucy Gauntlett

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