The Art of Nathan Shipley

Today, another world seems possible. Powerful new tools and talented artists make it easy to prototype the impossible. Forget what you think you know about art! Not only do the paintings change but so does everything else in each painting. What looks like an old piece of art could have just come into port or been leaving.

Nathan Shipley

Nathan Shipley is a digital artist from San Francisco, California, who uses artificial intelligence to generate innovative artwork. He has experience in visual effects and motion design and works as a creative technologist.

Its work focuses on the aesthetic potential of AI-generated art and its ability to blur the lines between machine learning and creativity. Nathan Shipley ai pieces often contain chaotic, abstract elements that wouldn’t be possible for a human artist to create by hand.

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“When viewers see my work, I want them to feel curious and be prompted to ask questions.  I specifically choose to show my work as diptychs; side-by-side with their original images because the viewer can’t avoid comparing the recreation with the original and asking questions.  How was this made?  How does this work?  Why does it work this way?  What does it mean to see a photograph of someone who lived before cameras existed?”, he explains.

Shipley thinks that there are a lot of questions about the ways that AI will affect the world. To him, “art provides a space where we can explore some of these questions.  It is a very exciting time for art and I can’t wait to see what myself and other artists will continue to do with this new medium”.

“I’ve been doing computer graphics for about 15 years, but I’m starting to get more into artificial intelligence and machine learning.” – Nathan Shipley

One of Shipley’s most iconic project is called “The Real Versions of Paintings.” In this series, Shipley creates the real versions of famous paintings by removing color from their images and adding distinctive textures. The result is quite interesting because the overall context remains the same but each work looks completely different without its vibrant colors.

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Historical Portraits Brought to Life

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