Pd-100 Black Hornet 3

The Pd-100 Black Hornet 3 is a nano aerial vehicle developed by Prox Dynamics AS and it is a drone with a completely new design and layout.

This is the third generation of the Pd-100 Black Hornet series. Pd-100 stands for Personal Reconnaissance Drone. It allows a soldier to safely carry out observation and reconnaissance tasks from a safe distance, without putting themselves in harm’s way, as well as giving them an advantage over their opponent if detected.

Pd-100 Black Hornet 3

The Pd-100 has been designed for rapid deployment from its storage tube which can be fitted on tactical vests or belts using the supplied webbing adapter. It has been made lightweight at only 15 grams and has a tiny size of 5 x 3.3 x 1.8 cm. Pd-100 Black Hornet 3 can be effortlessly launched with either hand as it is gearless and as such does not require any kind of starting mechanism – simply push off from your palm and the drone will spring into action. Its features advanced remote control technology, allowing the user to operate Pd-100 Black Hornet 3 at an impressive range of 1 km (0.62 miles).

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The Pd-100 Black Hornet 3 provides invaluable intelligence by giving soldiers dismounted situational awareness while operating in complex urban environments or where the landscape restricts their ability to see over long distances. Pd-100 Black Hornet 3 is also perfect for search and rescue operations, as well as exploration of confined spaces. Pd-100 Black Hornet has several built-in camera options (HD video or infrared) that make it the ideal tool for anyone working in challenging security or surveillance situations. It comes complete with two Pd-100 Batteries which provide 25 minutes of fly time.

Pd-100 Black Hornet 3 Pd-100 Black Hornet 3


  • Extremely light at only 15 grams
  • Size : 5 x 3.3 x 1.8 cm
  • Can be launched with either hand without any additional mechanism
  • Packed inside a small tube which can be attached to tactical vest/belt
  • Extendable legs
  • Pd-100Batteries provide 25 minutes of fly time
  • EO camera: video 640 x 480, pictures: 1200 x 1600
  • TI camera: video 160 x 120, pictures: 160 x 120
  • Electric motor with a 5 000 RPM, providing 30 g thrust for vertical take-off and 45 g in lift
  • Pd-100 remote provided allows for control up to 1 km (0.62 miles)

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