The Best Ad Blockers For Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers available today. One reason for this popularity is that Google Chrome is easy to use and it has lots of built-in functions that are not found in other browsers. You can easily synchronize your bookmarks, history, etc. across different devices with just a few clicks. But many people do not know about another useful feature of Google Chrome – ad blocking extensions! There are plenty of them on the Google Web Store, so we have decided to put together a list of some best ad blockers for chrome to make your browsing experience better:

AdBlock Plus

Adblock Plus is one of the earliest ad blocker extensions for Google Chrome. It allows you to not only block ads while browsing on your computer but also block ads while using other applications that are integrated with the web browser’s window (like Gmail). This application works in two modes: subscriptions mode and custom mode. Subscriptions mode will automatically download an ad-blocking filter list to your computer from user-created filter lists hosted on the internet, which means it updates automatically whenever there are changes to those lists. Custom mode, however, allows you to pick certain websites you want to block ads on by adding them manually or picking between preloaded website names or addresses.

Additionally, this ad blocker extension has a number of options that let you disable it for specific sites or even add custom website filters.

Website: Adblock Plus

The Best Ad Blockers For Chrome

uBlock Origin

Another great extension for Google Chrome is uBlock Origin: powerful and lightweight, it allows you to block advertisements on web pages and block tracking of your activities online. It has an advanced filtering mechanism that helps in blocking annoying pop-ups, banners, skins, etc. The good thing about this add-on is that it works faster than other similar extensions because it uses a special technique that blocks scripts only where they are found instead of checking all scripts at once when displaying a web page.

Website: uBlock Origin

The Best Ad Blockers For Chrome


Adguard adblocker for Google comes with a wide range of features, including ad-blocking for Google Chrome mobile devices. Adguard can be used to block all types of ads on the web, including banners, text ads, pop-ups, etc. You can filter out coupons that are found online and do not allow them to access your personal information. Another useful thing about this extension is that it also blocks harmful or fraudulent websites that might steal sensitive data from you.

Website: Adguard

The Best Ad Blockers For Chrome


If you’re looking for an ad blocker extension for Google Chrome that has additional features apart from blocking annoying advertisements online, then try using ‘Ghostery’. This extension displays a list of all scripts installed on the website you are visiting and also provides details about these scripts’ purpose. Moreover, it enables you to block any of these scripts in case they are found to be suspicious or harmful to your online privacy.

Website: Ghostery

The Best Ad Blockers For Chrome


AdLock uses two methods to block ads: first, it prevents the loading of advertisements on webpages and filters out HTTP requests to known ad servers. Second, it replaces existing advertisement elements with an image or a text of your choice (you can use several predefined images or texts). The extension also supports additional features such as domain blocking, encryption support, blacklist filtering, etc.

Website: AdLock

The Best Ad Blockers For Chrome


Among all the best ad blockers for Chrome, AdBlock is the most popular. It’s lightweight and it works without lagging your browser. Just like other similar extensions, Adblock displays the number of ads blocked on each website so you can see which websites feature too many advertisements. This extension blocks banner ads, text ads, Pop-ups, etc. There is also an option to enable or disable blocking of different types of advertisements by default on all websites.

Website: Adblock

The Best Ad Blockers For Chrome


AdBlocker Ultimate

This application lets you block ads on all websites without affecting your browsing performance or consuming system resources. You can set different filters for different types of URLs (e.g., you can make AdBlocker Ultimate ignore URLs containing ‘’ or ‘’). Another option is to use the preloaded list of HTTPS sites and let the application filter out ads on those websites as well, including Facebook and Wikipedia: this makes it perfect for people who want to stop tracking by social media and other websites while preserving their browsing experience intact.

website: AdBlocker Ultimate

The Best Ad Blockers For Chrome

Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger is not an adblocker but a privacy protection extension for Google Chrome. It blocks spying ads and trackers. Just like Adblock Plus, this application focuses on protecting users from third-party tracking while browsing the web. This extension seems to have a more advanced algorithm for blocking annoying ads because it uses unique heuristics that help identify trackers, cookies, etc. PrivacyBadger does not rely on blacklists or filters of other applications so you can keep your browser protected all the time.

Website: Privacy Badger

The Best Ad Blockers For Chrome


Opera Browser

Opera browser features a built-in ad blocker that helps you control the ads you see while browsing the internet. In order to use this extension, Opera must be set as your default browser. After installation, you will have to open the “Ad Blocker” panel from Settings in order to activate it and add websites on which you don’t want any advertisements to show up.

Website: Opera Browser

The Best Ad Blockers For Chrome

Website: Opera Browser


Another great extension for Google Chrome is ‘AdRemover for Google Chrome’. This adblocking software supports both desktop and mobile versions of the browser. AdRemover comes with an easy-to-use dashboard that allows users to enable or disable adblocking on different types of URLs (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, etc.). There is also an option to sync AdRemover settings between different devices that you use.

Website: AdRemover

The Best Ad Blockers For Chrome

Ads are everywhere on the internet, they are embedded in the sites you visit daily. They are very annoying, distracting and can even make your computer slower. They come in different formats like pop-up ads or banner ads. What’s more, they track your browsing preferences to target specific ads to you which is known as ad retargeting. On top of that, they can be used to spread malware for example by hiding malicious code behind an ad banner.

I hope my list of the best ad blockers for chrome can help you to have a better experience online and there are many others available right now on the Chrome store.

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