The Best Apps for Pomodoro Technique 

If you have just heard about or started experimenting with the Pomodoro technique, this article is going to be helpful for you. The Pomodoro technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 80’s based on his studies of scientific research and experiments. In this method, you divide your work into intervals (called pomodoros), each interval being 25 minutes long and separated from one another by short 5 minute breaks.

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To make it easy to track your progress through the day I’ve compiled a list of apps for Pomodoro Technique that might help you remain focused during your work sessions and become more productive overall:

Focus Keeper (iOS)

The first on our list of the best Pomodoro Technique apps is Focus Keeper. It’s an app that gives you the opportunity to stay focused and track your work with ease. The app has a sleek design that lets you set timers, manage tasks and review stats. The most interesting feature is the “Happiness Bar” – it shows how much time you’ve spent working without distractions. This way you can improve your focus throughout the day by changing your habits (like not checking emails every 5 minutes).

More info: Focus Keeper

The Best Apps For Pomodoro Technique 

PomoDone (Web, Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android)

This simple web app helps you manage your tasks and break them down into smaller units. When it’s time for a Pomodoro, the tab will turn red until you finish the set of tasks. You have to mark your progress on each task or move it back when it gets too big and needs splitting up in order to stay in time with 25 minutes of work and 5-minute breaks (you can change the interval in the settings).

This requires some discipline, but once you get used to working like this, it will be much better than doing things without any structure. The only disadvantage of such a method could be that sometimes you might become anxious about finishing all necessary actions within such short periods of time. However, if you set tasks and time yourself wisely, this won’t be a problem.

More info: PomoDone

The Best Apps For Pomodoro Technique 

Paymo Pomodoro (Mac, Windows, Linux)

Another app that helps you stick to the Pomodoro Technique is Paymo Pomodoro. What makes this tool special is that it has a fully-featured time tracking functionality. It lets you track your hours and check out where exactly did you spend them, whether on emails Facebook, or any other activity. You can also see how much money did you earn with such productive work!

More info: Paymo Pomodoro

The Best Apps For Pomodoro Technique 

Pomodairo (iOS)

What makes this app special is its cool interface design and integration with services like Dropbox, Evernote, and Google Docs. So if you need to access all the information within these programs during your break – no problem! Just open them up through an app – but don’t forget to switch back when it’s time to work.

More info: Pomodario

The Best Apps For Pomodoro Technique 

Marinara Timer (Web)

Marinara Timer is a web-based Pomodoro timer. It’s available as a Chrome browser extension, but you can use it on any platform with a browser and an internet connection – just open the website. Marinara has some additional features that make it very convenient to use – for example, you can run your own timing sessions or manually order your tasks, then it will remind you when they’re over. The reminder function is really helpful – it will notify you even if the tab is not open (e.g., on your phone).

The timer can also keep track of how much time is left for each task and send out alerts, so you don’t have to constantly watch the clock. It can also generate statistics about your work – you would be surprised, but this simple feature can really keep you motivated and monitor your progress.

The Best Apps For Pomodoro Technique 

Focus Booster (Web, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android)

Last but not least is an app called Focus Booster. It has pretty similar features when compared to other tools on the list. The application lets you split your workday into four periods of 25 minutes each, separated by short breaks. On the screen, you can see how many pomodoros have been completed so far and how long it takes to complete another one. You can also set a goal for yourself – be more productive this week than last week or simply try to increase the number of tasks you’re doing. The free version gives you only 200 sessions but if you want an unlimited number of sessions then maybe the premium version would be better for you!

The Best Apps For Pomodoro Technique 

I hope that these apps for Pomodoro technique will help you with time management and stay focused on what’s important, especially when it’s really hard. Before you choose one of them, think about your personal preferences and what features are the most important for you. With so many tools on the market, there’s no reason to stay unproductive and I’m sure that there is at least one app that would meet all your needs. If not – feel free to mention other applications in the comments!


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