The Best Podcast Apps for 2022

Podcast apps are not just for smartphones. Some people, to get the most out of their podcasts, want to listen on their desktop or laptop computers instead. Well, these days smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo provide access to all your favorite podcasts too. What’s even better is that almost any smartphone can be used with a Bluetooth speaker or headphones in order to listen without having to hold the phone in your hand the entire time.

We’re also seeing more and more cars these days come standard with Bluetooth support which means you can connect up your phone using a cable and then play audio from it wirelessly if you want in your car. So whether you want a podcast app on your smartphone, tablet, computer, or smart speaker you’ve come to the right place.

What is a Podcast App?

A podcast app is an app that connects you to all of your favorite podcast channels so you can download, stream and play them on any device. Just like picking up your smartphone to choose between Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime video – there are many different podcast apps out there too with most offering free services but requiring payment for certain features.

Some also offer subscription-based services in order to get the best performance possible no matter what device you’re using or where you are when listening. So if want access to the most popular podcasts then be sure to check out our list below.

Why Should You Listen to Podcasts?

Podcasters are some of the most passionate people on any topic they discuss. Find one that talks about something you like and listen to regularly. They’ll always provide new information, stories, ideas, perspectives, etc. That’s what makes them great to learn from; they oftentimes go beyond the surface-level stuff that is typically provided in traditional media outlets or through friends. I know some podcasters personally who specialize in this field.

There are many types of podcasts available including true crime (Generation Why), education (Edumacation), health (SciFighting, Fit 2 Love), relationships (The Art of Charm ), politics/economics/finance (Stacking Benjamins, Freakonomics Radio), interviews with influencers (The Tim Ferriss Show, The Dave Ramsey Show), self-improvement ( School of Greatness ), etc.

What Makes A Podcast App The Best?

Podcasts are extremely popular, there isn’t much financial incentive for companies to create apps that can benefit their users and listeners are quite picky when it comes to the features they demand. Here’s how you can find an app that will provide you with everything you need:

It should be cross-platform – The best podcast apps come with support for both iOS and Android devices as well as desktop versions for Windows. This ensures that no matter what type of device you use, you’ll always have access to all your favorite podcasts without having to look elsewhere. If the app is only available on one platform, there’s a good chance that half of your friends won’t be able to enjoy the same benefits as you do.

It should give support for advanced features – The best podcast apps will allow you to record and download shows in different qualities. They should also provide a feature that allows you to set up custom playlists so that you can listen to all your favorite songs without having to shuffle between them or look for them before they finish. You could even use these sorts of apps when you’re on vacation if the Wi-Fi is too slow and want to avoid data charges by downloading songs ahead of time.

You shouldn’t have any problem finding what you need – Most people only stick with the default app provided by their smartphone’s manufacturer, but if you’ve been using one for a while, it might be time for an upgrade. Podcasts are extremely popular around the world so it shouldn’t be difficult finding an app that can benefit you. All you have to do is look online and see which ones regularly update their libraries, allow you to download content offline, and support Live streaming.

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What Are The Best Podcast Apps?

These suggestions come from years of experience with listening to podcasts on all sorts of devices. They range from apps that are regularly updated to those that provide detailed customization options for people who regularly podcast or simply want to enjoy music whenever they’re going about their day. If you only have a few shows in mind, most of these apps will automatically suggest something interesting for you if your tastes aren’t obvious enough. Here’s a closer look at the best podcast apps:



Stitcher is one of the most popular podcast listening apps. It is available worldwide in English and some other languages too! This one features Android Auto compatibility and IOS but does not have Chromecast support yet. However, its design is modern and customizable so you can personalize your experience easily without looking for additional settings all around the place. Stitcher is not free with an advertisement, but you can remove them for a yearly fee of $34.99. To download Stitcher Radio click here.

The Best Podcast Apps For 2022


PodCruncher is on of the best iphone Podcast App. Not only does PodCruncher play, manage and download podcasts in great quality, it also has an elegant design which makes it easy to find shows you already love or discover new gems. The app comes with multiple playback speeds, a sleep timer, smart stream that reduces data usage when streaming over mobile networks, and much more awesome stuff!

Podcruncher App


The Downcast app is fantastic for iPhone users who are dedicated to their devices. It has a nice design and certain features to make your downloading experience better. The app also allows you to search and subscribe to both audio and video podcasts, as you would expect. If you subscribe to a podcast episode, the software will add the most recent episode to your list automatically. The gesture assistance is also one of the most useful, as it allows you to control podcast playback via hand gestures while looking elsewhere, such as on the road or in bed.

The Best Podcast Apps For 2022


The iCatcher podcasting app, as you might expect, is iPhone-only. It works with all of your Apple devices and is only $1.99, making it a good deal cheaper than most alternatives. The program includes unique capabilities that other applications lack, such as the ability to play a podcast at four different speeds. It can also manage a huge or little number of podcasts. iCatcher has an easy-to-use user interface for finding podcasts, and a sophisticated search engine that allows users to find hidden podcasts with ease.

Icatcher Podcast

BeyondPod Podcast Manager

BeyondPod is a popular podcast app for good reason: its user interface is outstanding. With an endless number of podcasts to pick from, BeyondPod is a great choice. It’s free on Android in its simplest form, but the premium version costs $6.99 and has a lot of useful settings. You may set the software to download new podcasts at intervals that are convenient for you so you won’t miss any episodes of your favorite shows.

The Best Podcast Apps For 2022


Podcast Addict

The Podcast & Radio Addict app for Android is another excellent choice, and it’s completely free. The application also works with Pebble devices and Android Wear and Android Auto. You may listen to audio and video podcasts, as well as listen to your favorite radio station, which is convenient if you enjoy radio programs.

The Best Podcast Apps For 2022

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is available for $1.22 per month. It also lacks Chromecast support but comes with variable playback speeds. Other notable features include cross-platform availability (Android and iOS), variable speed options, automatic downloads, audio effects, sleep timer, etc. 

The Best Podcast Apps For 2022


Overcast is a free podcast app that’s easy to use and has a nice appearance, making it ideal for the daily listener. It’s exclusively available on iOS and may be downloaded on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. There are several excellent features included, including Smart Speed, which cuts out long silences in radio programs so you save time while also ensuring you have a smooth listening experience.

In order to ensure that you listen to every show at the same level, Smart Voice Boost is turned on. You may also make clever playlists with filters, priorities, and sorting criteria. Overcast also allows you to stream episodes if you decide not to download them—a benefit for people who have little storage on their phones.

The Best Podcast Apps For 2022



DoggCatcher is only available for Android at the moment, and it’s a great app. Once you’ve found something you like, simply tapping on it will take you to another page where new podcasts are listed in three categories based on audio, video, and news. The most significant advantages of this program are the following: You can change the size of your audio player and add a useful sleep timer, which is useful if you fall asleep during audio playback. The software also lets you to change the playback speed. There are no additional costs with this application, so $2.99 is a great price.

The Best Podcast Apps For 2022



So that’s all! If you think we’re missing any podcast players then do leave us a comment letting us know about them!



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