The Best Sites for Finding a Virtual Internships

Virtual internships sometimes referred to as Virtual Career Training, allow students and professionals the opportunity to gain work experience and training without having to relocate. Virtual interns typically work on a flexible schedule using online applications such as email or instant messaging. Virtual internships can be found in many different fields including writing, design, marketing, IT, and some administrative jobs.

Virtual internships are available for those who wish to continue working while they attend school full-time or those who want the flexibility of working on their own time from home or another location of choice. Virtual career training opportunities offer you chances to learn new skills and develop your existing ones by giving you access to some of today’s top companies and organizations via an Internet connection.

Some key sites where you can find Virtual Internships:


Idealist is a non-profit dedicated to helping young people find fulfilling jobs and internships. One of the Idealists’ best features is that it lists open positions from all over the world. So, have fun finding opportunities from all around the globe! Idealist also places a strong emphasis on assisting individuals in finding work that is directly linked to their passions or convictions. So, whether you volunteer or get paid for your internship, you can truly make an impact.

The Best Sites For Finding A Virtual Internships


Internships with Remotive are popular among students interested in working for technology-based or startup businesses. The site is well-designed and quite well-organized, providing a better user experience (not to mention the adorable mascot), has adequate search features, and sends out weekly updates with relevant job opportunities for you. Remotive also has a fantastic community board where users can get support, ask questions, and receive real-life advice from one another.

The Best Sites For Finding A Virtual Internships


AngelList is a great way of getting exposure to new companies and careers. You can sign up for job alerts or browse the site’s collection of virtual internships, many of which have been assigned by leading venture capital firms. AngelList also has a really cool feature called “Jobs you might like,” which lets you add companies that interest you to your own personal list.

The Best Sites For Finding A Virtual Internships

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InternMatch‘s website is quite simple and easy to use; it operates more or less like Instagram in that users post their internship descriptions and then apply via the site itself with one click (no need to fill out forms). InternMatch uses a point system in determining how good an opportunity is each company is rated according to the number of posted opportunities, intern-to-employee ratio, and internship satisfaction.

The Best Sites For Finding A Virtual Internships


FlexJobs is the answer to finding safe, pre-screened, flexible work. The site provides an extensive list of opportunities that are carefully filtered before being approved for the FlexJobs database. You can search each day for new job listings or create alerts so that you don’t miss out on positions matching your criteria.

The Best Sites For Finding A Virtual Internships 4


Much like you can use your LinkedIn profile to help get a traditional job, it can also be used to help get a virtual internship. The most popular social networking site for job posts that bring together a lot of organizations and businesses to post their virtual internships on LinkedIn, it’s well worth checking there for existing opportunities. LinkedIn also offers a Student Job Portal specifically for students and graduates looking for employment.

The Best Sites For Finding A Virtual Internships


Glassdoor is one of the most popular sites for virtual internships. You can search by industry, location, company name, and title to find open positions. Glassdoor is also dedicated to giving current and former employees a place to anonymously review their employers in order to help others better assess the pros and cons of each workplace. This in itself can grant you insight into what it’s like to work at certain businesses, especially if you’re still in school and haven’t had the chance to get practical experience in your field.

The Best Sites For Finding A Virtual Internships


Similar to Idealist, SkipTheDrive provides a list of internship opportunities around the world. In addition, it also allows users to search for jobs and post volunteer opportunities. The site is easy to navigate through and provides an opportunity for organizations to promote their cause or campaign. This can be especially helpful for students who are interested in getting involved with non-profit work or community service.

The Best Sites For Finding A Virtual Internships


InternQueen is a website devoted solely to helping students find internships and entry-level jobs everywhere from New York City to Paris, London, Australia, Singapore – you name it! Because there’s no other site out there quite like this one – providing listings from all over the globe – its clean design makes it easy enough for anyone to use and enjoy.

The Best Sites For Finding A Virtual Internships 8


CareerBuilder has been known as one of the largest online job boards since it first started offering its services in 1995 – which is why everyone should give it a try! You never know what type of opportunity you might find just by browsing through open listings, even if the position isn’t 100% virtual (many internships require some level of on-site work).

The Best Sites For Finding A Virtual Internships 9


Internship Programs provides a list of internship opportunities from all over the world. It’s not limited to just virtual internships but includes other types as well. The website offers a great way to search for jobs and internships in a particular city or specific field by providing hyperlinks that lead directly to the postings’ web pages. So if you have any type of criteria you want to consider when applying for an internship, this is definitely one resource you should check out!

The Best Sites For Finding A Virtual Internships 10

So if you want to learn new skills or develop existing ones without having to leave your current location this is definitely the way to go! Good Luck with finding an internship that fits your needs!


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