The Line, The Futuristic Saudi Arabia Linear City

In 2021, the Riyadh government in Saudi Arabia unveiled The Line, a futuristic vertical city that aims to house approximately 9 million people. Instead of cars, the metropolis will have a high-speed train to which all residents will have access. The futuristic megacity will run on 100% renewable energy and 95% of the space will be reserved for nature.

The Line

The Purpose of The Line

The Line is part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, an ambitious programme aimed at diversifying the Kingdom’s economy. Currently, oil and gas make up a large part of Saudi Arabia’s GDP but with reserves dwindling, the government is keen to find new ways to keep the economy afloat. Diversifying into sectors such as renewable energy, technology, and tourism is seen as key to achieving this goal.

The Location of The Line

The Line

The Line is located in the northeast of Saudi Arabia and will stretch 170 kilometres from the Red Sea. It will be 500 metres wide and 500 metres above sea level, making it one of the tallest cities in the world.

How Will The Line Be Powered?

One of the most impressive aspects of The Line is that it will run entirely on renewable energy sources. Solar panels will line the rooftops of all buildings and a wind farm will provide power to a high-speed train that runs through the centre of the city. This train will connect all residents with each other and with major transport hubs.

The Line

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 What Will Life Be Like in The Line?

Life in The Line will be very different to life in traditional cities. For starters, 95% of the total land area will be reserved for nature, which means there will be plenty of green space for residents to enjoy. Plus, all buildings will have solar panels on their rooftops and there will be a centralised wind farm supplying power to a high-speed train that runs through the city – meaning that transport won’t produce any emissions!

The Line is an ambitious project that aims to completely revolutionise urban living. By running on renewable energy sources and reserving almost all of its land area for nature, The Line provides a blueprint for sustainable living that other cities around the world would do well to follow. Are you excited about The Line? We definitely are!

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