Witches Going to their Sabbath by Luis Ricardo Falero

The Witches Going to their Sabbath by Luis Ricardo Falero is an oil painting that depicts a scene in Witches at their Sabbath. Witches Going to their Sabbath (or Witches’ Sabbaths ) are terms used for alleged magical ceremonies involving the Devil and his worshippers, who would assume malevolent animal forms before partaking of blood sacrifices; the term is also used in reference to supposed contemporary groups that practice ritual magic.

According to Renaissance beliefs, Witches Sabbaths were held by Witches on certain occasions and at certain locations. Witches who wished to attend had to know when these assemblies took place. They were said to fly through the air with supernatural speed or ride upon various beasts with equal ease. The events depicted in Luis Falero’s “Witches Going To Their Sabbath” are set at night time in a wooded area and Witches are shown riding upon a variety of different animals, including an ass, goat, horse, and wolf.

The Sabbaths were generally thought to take place either in the Witches’ own bodies or at least with their spirits as such flying through the air; sometimes they were held on specific days like festivals (in which case Christian holidays were often chosen). Witches might also gather on other occasions; for example, there was a Sabbath every Thursday evening following the death of some famous witch or wizard. It was also believed that Witches could not be harmed by normal weapons during religious ceremonies.

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About Luis Ricardo Falero

Duke of Labranzano Luis Ricardo Falero (May 23, 1851 – December 7, 1896), a Spanish painter. He was particularly skilled in female nudes and mythical, orientalist, and fantastic settings. His works are primarily held in private collections in Europe and the United States, with one watercolor of the ‘Twin Stars‘ at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Witches going to their Sabbath 145.5 x 118.2 cm lives in a private collection.

Witches Going To Their Sabbath By Luis Ricardo Falero


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