Trevor Pottelberg: The Beauty of the Waves on Lake Erie

Trevor Pottelberg is a landscape, wildlife, and astrophotographer based in Ontario, Canada. Pottelberg has a particular affinity for waves, which is why he often finds himself situated near Lake Erie. As an experienced storm chaser, Pottelberg takes advantage of every opportunity to photograph waves during a storm. His process involves traveling to the site of the storm, setting up his equipment, and waiting for the perfect moment to snap a photo.

Pottelberg’s journey to becoming a respected photographer has been an adventurous one. Trevor has displayed his photographic skills since 2014 as an active member of the PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada). At both the Provincial and National levels, Trevor has won awards for multiple categories in photography including Landscape, Nature, Ornithology, Night & Fine Art Photography. Furthermore, Trevor holds the CPA designation (Craftsman of Photographic Arts).

Pottelberg’s big break came when he started photographing waves during storms. His experience as a storm chaser made him uniquely qualified to take these types of photos. According to his website, Trevor’s most notable achievement came in the fall of 2021 when he won the Photographic Artist of the Year Award at the PPOC Ontario Provincial Image Salon. “He also took home two Best in Class Awards (Fine Art & Animals) and two Judge’s Choice Awards.”

Trevor Pottelberg Trevor Pottelberg Trevor Pottelberg Trevor Pottelberg Trevor Pottelberg Trevor Pottelberg

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Waves on Lake Erie

The water in Lake Erie is clean and clear. This makes the waves sparkle in the sun. The waves are also a deep blue color. This is because of the depth of the lake. The deeper the water, the darker the blue color will be.

Lake Erie is also one of the Great Lakes. The Great Lakes are a group of five large lakes in North America. They are Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, Lake Ontario, and Lake Erie. These lakes are important because they provide drinking water for many people and they are used for transportation.

Waves on Lake Erie can range anywhere from a few inches to several feet high. The average is around two feet, but they can get as high as six feet during a storm. The size of the waves depends on the wind speed and direction. If the wind is blowing in from the north, the waves will be bigger because there is a longer fetch–the distance the wind has to travel across the water. Note that fetch is not affected by wind speed; it is only affected by wind direction. So, even if the wind is blowing harder from the north, the fetch will still be the same as long as the wind direction doesn’t change.

The best time to see big waves on Erie is during a northerly storm when winds can reach speeds of 40-60 mph. These storms often happen in late fall or early winter when cold air from Canada moves down over the lake.

Trevor Pottelberg Trevor Pottelberg Trevor Pottelberg Trevor Pottelberg Trevor Pottelberg Trevor Pottelberg Trevor Pottelberg Trevor Pottelberg

Pottelberg’s success as a photographer is due in large part to his unique perspective and adventurous spirit. His willingness to take risks has paid off, both in terms of his personal fulfillment and his professional achievements. If you’re looking for someone who can capture the beauty of nature in all its forms, Trevor Pottelberg is your man.

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