The Magic Christmas tree in Vilnius, Lithuania

Cities are becoming busier and busier with the world’s population growth. We, humans, are trying to make our life easier by building more roads and solving traffic problems. Still, it is very hard for thousands of people to move during one hour in a city center. That is why many people decide to live outside the city but still want some events that will happen in the cities. One of those events is Christmas tree illumination in big cities around the world in December every year.

The tree is decorated with thousands of lights, bulbs. It takes dozens of workers to install the tree under very strict rules. The goal of decoration is to make this place look beautiful and festive for people who want to visit it during the holidays. This tradition began in Germany but quickly turned into a global trend that can be seen in New York, London, Moscow, Tokyo, etc. People love the Christmas tree illumination because they are not just simple decorations but also symbolize the hope that can put smiles on many faces during tough times or bring happiness when everything seems dark around us.

Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, takes this tradition seriously and every year presents the world with a beautiful Christmas tree. Vilnius is quite a small city but it has its charm. This postcard-perfect destination does not have to hide behind bigger cities when it comes to summer parties, music festivals, or cozy winter bars and cafes.

The Christmas trees of Vilnius are well-known for their creative themes, distinctive adornments, and magical atmosphere. A beautiful tree stands in the main square of Vilnius every winter. It’s not just any other Christmas tree – it’s unique! For many years, the Christmas tree in Vilnius has been acknowledged as one of the most beautiful in the world. It even influences fashion trends worldwide.

There are several reasons why Vilnius’ Christmas trees are so special. Firstly, the themes of the trees are always very original, often reflecting current events or popular culture. Secondly, the decorations are always very intricate and carefully chosen, resulting in a truly magical display. Finally, the atmosphere in Vilnius during Christmastime is truly special, with all the streets and squares lit up with festive lights.

This year’s Vilnius Christmas tree tower is 27 meters tall and contains 96 life-size snowflakes with intricate patterns. There are 3,000 fake branches, 200 square meters of mirrors, 900 meters of garlands, and bursts of light through 2,000 meters of lights on the installation.

This year’s concept was inspired by last winter, which was incredibly white, cold, and frosty, according to the designer of the Christmas Tree 2021, Dominykas Koncevičius. As a result, this year’s Christmas tree features accurate copies of real snowflakes that have been enlarged a thousandfold and transformed into intricate atmospheric sculptures.

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If you’re looking for a special Christmas treat, be sure to visit Vilnius during the holiday season! You won’t be disappointed.

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