Who is the Tallest NBA Player of All Time?

Every basketball fan has heard about the tallest player in the NBA, but who is that person? From Gheorghe Muresan to Manute Bol, many players have been extremely tall. But which one of them stands head and shoulders above the rest? Let’s take a look at some of the tallest players in NBA history and see who holds the title of tallest NBA player ever.

Gheorghe Muresan – 7’7 (231 cm)

Gheorghe Muresan
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Gheorghe Muresan is the tallest NBA player of all time. He was born in Romania but he eventually moved to America where he played for two NBA teams – Washington Bullets and New Jersey Nets. Muresan was an instant hit with fans due to his height which made him stand out from other players. He also had a great shooting touch which earned him a spot in the All-Star game during his rookie season. Although he was relatively injury prone, he still managed to score an average of 9 points per game throughout his career.

Manute Bol – 7’7 (231 cm)

Manute Bol
Source: bleacherreport.com

The Sudanese-born Manute Bol played for four different teams during his 10-year career in the NBA. Bol was not only tall but also very thin, weighing only 200 pounds (90 kg). Despite being so slim, Bol was able to block 3 shots per game on average throughout his career. Bol didn’t just rely on his height though as he was also a good shooter and averaged 1 three-pointer made per game too! His best season came when he played for Golden State Warriors during 1987-1988 season where he averaged 6 points per game as well as 4 blocks and 1 steal per game too!

Shawn Bradley – 7’6 (229 cm)

Shawn Bradley

The German-born Shawn Bradley went on to become one of the most popular players in the league due to his impressive height. He may not have been as successful as some other giants such as Shaquille O’neal or Yao Ming but that didn’t stop Bradley from having an impressive career nonetheless. During his 12 seasons, Bradley averaged 8 points, 6 rebounds, and 3 blocks per game which is pretty impressive considering how tall he actually is! His best season came when he played for the Philadelphia 76ers during the 1995-1996 season where he averaged 12 points, 10 rebounds, and 5 blocks per game!

Yao Ming – 7’6 (229 cm)

Yao Ming
Source: rollingstone.com/

Yao Ming is arguably the most successful tallest NBA player of all time. The Chinese-born Yao Ming was drafted by the Houston Rockets in 2002 and went on to have a very successful career. He averaged 19 points, 9 rebounds and two blocks per game throughout his entire career and he even won an All-Star MVP award during his rookie season. He also had a long career due to his great conditioning which helped him stay healthy throughout the years. Yao Ming retired in 2011 and is now considered one of the best tallest players ever.

Pavel Podkolzin – 7’5 (227 cm)

Pavel Podkolzin
Source: Glenn James/AFP

Pavel Podkolzin started his journey playing with the Dallas Mavericks for two years, he then went on to play with the notorious Russian Super League side, Yugra Surgut University. Despite having only played four games thus far in his career, his clear potential cannot be misjudged due to his enviable height and towering presence on the court.

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Chuck Nevitt – 7’5 (227 cm)

Chuck Nevitt

Standing at an impressive 7 feet 5 inches, Chuck Nevitt is among the tallest NBA players ever to take the court. During his 11-year career, he played for several different clubs, with ABA and CBA stints, and managed to log a total of 155 games. Despite his limited playing time, he still racked up a respectable 251 points during his playing days, enough to place him amongst the all-time greats in terms of stature. As one of the world’s tallest men, Nevitt certainly left a lasting impression on the basketball world.

Tacko Fall – 7’5 (227 cm)

Tacko Fall
(Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports)

Tallest is an understatement when it comes to Tacko Fall, the Boston Celtics center. Standing at a staggering 7 feet 5 inches, Tacko stands out in the NBA as one of the tallest players in history and As a Senegalese player, he has become a star on the international stage. The Celtics signed him after his incredible debut in 2019 and his presence on the court can be felt every time he steps onto the floor. From soaring above every other player to blocking shots deftly with his amazing wingspan, there is no doubt that Tacko Fall commands attention wherever he plays.

Sim Bhullar – 7’5 (227 cm)

Sim Bhullar
Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

Sim Bhullar made his debut in professional basketball with the Sacramento Kings in 2015 and has since played only three matches with the team. While his performance throughout those games has been rather small, scoring two points in each match, he is easily recognizable due to his imposing height and hardworking nature on the court.

In addition to being one of the Tallest NBA Players, Sim Bhuller also holds a record for being one of the fastest players to make an appearance on the court, doing so within 16 seconds during his debut match for the Kings.

Mark Eaton – 7’4 (224 cm)

Mark Eaton
Focus On Sport / Getty Images file

Mark Eaton was famously known as one of the tallest NBA player of all time. Measuring in at an incredible 7 feet 4 inches, he came in ninth place on the list of Tallest NBA Players. During his 875-game career, he accomplished a remarkable record of 5216 points. He also possessed a critical strength for blocked shots, setting a forever-ingrained league record for the most number of blocked shots per play. His star quality and presence on the court were truly one-of-a-kind and he will always be remembered as an outstanding NBA player.

Slavko Vranes – 7’4 (224 cm)

Slavko Vranes

Vraneš was drafted by the New York Knicks in the 2003 NBA Draft but was unfortunately waived before ever playing a game. While his relationship with the Knicks came to an abrupt end, Vranes would draw considerable attention for his impressive stature when he signed a ten-day contract with Portland Trail Blazers later that season. Making the most of his brief stay, he ended up playing one game and earned himself a spot as one of the Tallest NBA Players to ever play in league history.

When it comes to finding out who holds the title of tallest NBA player ever there can be no other than Gheorge Muresan and Manute Bol who both stands at 7 feet 7 inches tall (231 cm). Nevertheless, there have been other great players who have come close to challenging Muresan’s title such as Chuck Nevitt, Tacko Fall, Sim Bhullar, Mark Eaton, and Slavko Vranes. Despite their limited playing time, these legendary players have all contributed to the NBA in their own unique way and will forever be remembered as some of the tallest players ever.


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